Stryker 350-600-001 Flocontrol Arthroscopy Pump Console 30 Day Warranty 3 prod

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Stryker 150 Flocontrol Arthroscopy Pump Console 

Suction and Irrigation Pump for Arthroscopy

Ref. 350-600-001 

30 Day Warranty

Excellent Cosmetic and Working Order


The product FLOCONTROL ARTHROSCOPY PUMP is an irrigation and suction
pump for diagnostic and /or operative arthroscopic procedures. Such procedures
may include:
• Ligament injuries
• Meniscus injuries
• Cartilage injuries
• Operation planning and re-examination
It serves to distend and irrigate joints in the knee, shoulder, hip and elbow as well Intended Use
the wrist and angle joint while simultaneously suction fluid from the joints.
The user can select the desired joint pressure. The pump attempts to reach and Dual Roller Mode (Standard Mode)
maintain the preset pressure in the joint. Once the preset pressure has been
reached the joint is irrigated at regular intervals to keep the field of sight clear for
the surgeon. The pump maintains the preset pressure. If the joint cannot be
drained the pump will stop supplying additional fluid and maintain the preset
The FLOCONTROL ARTHROSCOPY PUMP can be used in an "Inflow Only Mode" by Single Roller Mode (Inflow Only Mode)
applying the inflow tube set only. The mode is automatically detected by the
Use a shaver together with the pump in Standard mode as well as Inflow Only
Mode to suction tissue and flush shaved tissue from the joint. The user can select
the desired irrigation volume at the shaver. The device is suitable for use with all
commonly available shaver systems. Suction from the joint increases as soon as
the shaver connected to the device is opened. At the same time the pump
increases the irrigation fluid volume to compensate for the fluid draining from
the joined via the shaver.
The use of this device for injecting a fluid into a joint is contraindicated and as Contraindications
such prohibited whenever arthroscopy is prohibited. Also refer to the
endoscope's manual for further absolute and relative indications.
The device is contraindicated for:
• Ankylosis
• Inflammation or bacterial contamination
The device may not be used to inject medication.
The pre-selected pressure should be based on the average blood pressure of the Recommended Pressure
patient to prevent bleeding in the joint. The manufacturer recommends the
following pressure settings for the following application areas:
Clinical Use
The device is not intended for use with gas.
When performing arthroscopic monopolar electrosurgery, the distention
medium must be electrically non-conductive. Examples include glycine, sorbitol,
mannitol, sorbitol plus mannitol, and dextran.

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