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Humeral Head

Humeral Head

Titanium humeral heads are intended for patients with suspected cobalt alloy material sensitivity. The wear properties of titanium and titanium alloys are inferior to that of cobalt alloy. A titanium humeral head is not recommended for patients without a suspected material sensitivity to cobalt alloy. All components are single use. The humeral stems are intended for cemented or cementless use. Tornier Perform Humeral System – Stem is
intended to be used with cemented polyethylene glenoid components, in a total shoulder arthroplasty.

The humeral stem, humeral head coupler and humeral head may be used by themselves, as a hemiarthroplasty, if the natural glenoid provides a sufficient bearing surface, or in conjunction with a glenoid implant, as a total replacement.

The Tornier Perform Humeral System – Stem is to be used only in patients with an intact or reconstructable rotator cuff, where it is intended to provide increased mobility, stability, and to relieve pain. The Tornier erform Humeral System – Stem is indicated for use as a replacement of shoulder joints disabled by:
• Non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease (i.e. osteoarthritis) and avascular necrosis
• Correction of functional deformity
• Post-traumatic arthritis
• Revisions or fractures of the humeral head where adequate fixation can be achieved and adequate bone stock remains

  • Tornier Perform Humeral Broche Guide Pin MWM100
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    Tornier Perform Humeral Broche Guide Pin MWM100


    Perform Humeral Broche Guide Pin MWM100 0=3.0mm, L=100MM
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