DARCO Wedge Off loading Shoe Post Op Shoe - Medium Unisex Black

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Size Medium
Black OrthoWedge Off-loading Shoe
Fits Woman Size 10.5 to 13
Fits Men Size 8.5 to 10
Shipped Promptly
  • Post Surgical healing
  • Forefoot trauma
  • Wounds or ulcerations present under metatarsal heads and toes.
  • Any situation that requires a pressure off-load of the forefoot.
The DARCO OrthoWedge® is clinically proven to reduce weight bearing pressure on the forefoot which promotes faster healing after surgery, trauma or when forefoot wounds or ulcerations are present.
  • 15° Wedge Sole effectively shifts body weight to the midfoot and heel. Reduces forefoot pressure by as much as 57%!
  • Square Toe Design acts as a bumper to protect the toes when k-wires are present and provides better Left/Right fit.
  • Ankle Strap seats foot firmly in shoe to reduce heel slippage and eliminate friction.
  • Removable Forefoot Closure provides security while eliminating buckle pressure.
  • Zoned Outsole has an aggressive tread under the mid-foot where traction is needed most.
  • Removable Insole features twice the padding of standard insoles and can be modified as needed. Insole can be totally removed to accommodate DARCO’s innovative Peg Assist™ (PQ Series) customizable off-loading insole.




57% Reduction in Metatarsal Head Pressure


Peak Pressure drops from 19PSI to 8PSI



75% Reduction in Great Toe Pressure

Peak Pressure drops from 17PSI to 4PSI
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